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I am happy that you find my website of living the lifestyle in the Feng Shui philosophy.

- Yin and Yang -

- Trying to find the balance in your life -

Little about my background...

Simple, I have always playing the piano and studying piano/music at the Academy of Music in Copenhagen, the Royal Academy of Music in London, Conservatorie de Musique in Geneva and the University in Forth Worth, Texas, so my lifestyle is all about music; performing concerts, teaching and organizing small and big music Festival and events... In my teenage I liked to help my parents to design at home... so there have always been an concious interest in me into that subject. But first during the pandemic I could have the opportunity to study more about it, and the focus on Feng Shui, as I try myself to find the balance and harmony in my life. I strive to find it in the interior design and meditation. I have studied Feng shui online course and got the diploma for the Interior Design in Feng shui. But similar to music/playing instrument you can always learning new things, and I am constantly learning in my progress and also very curious to learn. So if you like to know more about it, you are welcome to contact me... Hope to give you good advise and let's collaborate!


I work with my client to build a space that reflects their own unique style. Whether it's residential or commercial

I work with private clients and small companies who need help.

  • Classic style

  • Living room style

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